These three steps will ensure you achieve your goals for 2020.

First, I’d like to say congratulations for making it through the first half of 2020; there were many bumps in the road. If you’re a bit off track for reaching your goals this year, I’m sharing the three steps for how to get back on pace to achieve them:

1. Make a goal. You need a clear, written goal; you can make a new one, or revise the ones you made in January. This goal could be to make more calls, reach out to your database more, develop a farm, create more videos, be more active on social media, etc.

2. Make a plan. How many days per week will you work on this goal? What vacation time are you taking? What will it take, and what plans are you putting in place to reach your goal? Think through everything to ensure your plan can get you to your goal this year.

3. Take action. This is the most critical step. You need to carry out the tasks necessary to achieve your goal. By changing a few activities daily, in just a few weeks you’ll begin to see progress.

“You need a clear, written goal.”

I wish you the best in 2020. Don’t give up; even if you’re a little behind on your goals, don’t lower them.

If you have questions about these steps or concerning real estate in general, please reach out via phone or email. I would be glad to help you.

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