How you can avoid becoming a victim of the summer trap this year.

Typically, agents often fall into two traps throughout the year: the summer trap and the holiday trap. ** ** Today, I’ll explain what I mean by this and how you can escape from this cycle of productivity pitfalls.

During holidays and the summer season, agents tend to believe that no one wants to buy a house, so they shut down their operations. This is a mistake because it affects their productivity and business. 

Agents typically experience a slower first quarter, followed by a busier second quarter. However, agents often take time off during the summer when kids are home from college or school and vacations are happening. This results in a period of eight to 10 weeks where they are not actively working. Falling into this trap can be detrimental to your business.

“Falling into the summer trap can be detrimental to your business.”

To overcome the summer trap, you need to set daily activities and stick to them. I always recommend reaching out to five people in your database every day. This consistent effort amounts to 25 contacts per week and 100 per month. By checking in with these individuals and mentioning that the market is still active, you might be surprised by the number of conversations that arise. Many people may express their intentions to list their homes at the end of summer or in the fall. This presents an opportunity for agents who are actively engaged, as they will be top of mind.

Avoiding the summer trap and staying committed to your daily activities will lead to a successful business. If you need more tips to help grow your real estate business, call or email me. I’m always happy to help.

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