A simple cover letter can help your clients’ offers stand out.

Do you feel you’re doing a great job presenting offers from your buyers to sellers in multiple-offer situations? Today we’re sharing a quick tool we use that guarantees your buyer’s offer will stand out to sellers.

We see so many multiple-offer situations in this market, and we could have up to 15 different offers on one home. The offers that stand out the most are the ones that put the whole package together.

Incomplete offers aren’t uncommon, but they are frustrating for sellers and their agents. Are you sending out offers that are sloppy and incomplete? Missing forms or pre-approvals? If so, make sure you follow a checklist to ensure a good, clean offer. We show our agents that having one PDF copy of an offer is critical.

We also use a cover letter that discusses an offer’s strength with the seller’s agent. Here’s a link to that sample cover letter.

“Having just one PDF copy of an offer is critical.”

This is a great way to make your offer stand out among the others. It shows you’ve gone the extra mile to keep things organized. As you’ll see, the cover letter goes through all the main points of the offer in detail from the start so they don’t have to look through 20 to 30 pages reviewing it. It can get confusing when there are a ton of offers on one home. Using this cover letter is a great way to have a clean, concise, and complete offer.

If you have any questions for me about this cover letter or anything else related to the real estate business, don’t hesitate to reach out via phone or email. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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