I have six steps you can follow to convert more leads into clients.

Do you struggle to convert leads into appointments? I’m sharing six steps to help you convert more leads into clients:

1. Find their pain point. Find out what they’re truly looking for, how you can help them, and ask many questions. This is crucial, and if you do it from the beginning, you’ll establish rapport.

2. Mirror their personality. If you’ve heard of the DISC personality test, you’ll know that a D (dominant) personality type speaking to a C (conscientious) personality type will change how that conversion goes, as compared to two dominant personalities conversing, for example. (If you’re unfamiliar with DISC, see the graphic at 1:20 in the video above.) Adjust your speech and style to theirs; people do business with those they know, like, and trust, and they’ll trust you much more if they relate to you.

3. Establish timing and motivation. If someone is ready to go immediately, you can go ahead and begin the process. However, they may tell you they won’t be ready for another three years. Don’t waste everyone’s time by doing unnecessary things like having them book a listing appointment or getting pre-qualified if they’re not ready yet.

“Find out what they’re truly looking for, how you can help them, and ask many questions.”

4. Offer a solution. Now you’re ready to offer a solution to whatever they need. Maybe they need to buy a home before selling their current one, or they need another contingency, and you can explain how they can get it. Giving them options and solutions is essential.

5. Never hang up without a follow-up. The fortune’s in the follow-up. If you go through finding a lead, talking to them, fact-finding for them, and building a great rapport, but you don’t have something to follow-up with them about, it’s all been a waste of time. I see plenty of real estate agents make this mistake. 80% of leads are down-the-road leads, so you need a follow-up plan.

6. Just be honest. Simply be honest with people. I’ve had to tell people that it may not be a good time for them to buy or sell. By finding their pain point and establishing motivations, you’ll know what to tell them. Everyone should always be honest, but unfortunately, sometimes people aren’t as honest as they should be.

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