There are four questions you must answer to be a successful agent.

“Make Big Happen” by Mark Moses is a book that’s built for entrepreneurs, and as real estate agents, that’s exactly what we are. I met Mark a few years ago, and he coaches many top CEOs from all over the world. In this book, he outlines four important questions all agents (or entrepreneurs) must be able to answer to run a successful business:

1. What do you want? In other words, what’s your vision? Where do you see yourself in 12 months? To clarify this question, Mark suggests doing a crystal ball exercise that involves envisioning yourself in January of next year sitting down at a table surrounded by friends—what do you want to tell them?

2. What do you have to do? This means the action steps you have to take to reach your goals at the end of the year. In real estate, we can only control our activities; we can’t control the results that come from them. If you’re consistent in your daily, weekly, and monthly activities, you’ll get the results you want, so figure out your activities. Are they calls, emails, text messages, or a combination of these? Also, determine when to do these activities so that they stay consistent.

“If you’re consistent in your daily, weekly, and monthly activities, you’ll get the results you want.”

3. What could get in the way? These are the obstacles we all potentially face. For example, nobody could’ve predicted at the beginning of last year that COVID would come to dominate our lives. Other obstacles include losing an office space, switching brokerages, or a market shift. What do you anticipate may happen to stop you from reaching your goals? Again Mark suggests a couple of exercises to help with this question so that one little obstacle isn’t enough to stop you.

4. How do you hold yourself accountable? I think this is the most important question. This is where you measure your daily activities. I was on a mastermind call just the other day with an agent who told me they wanted to make 700 calls in six weeks. I then learned that by the end of the third week, though, they weren’t actually tracking the calls they were making. That’s when I asked them this: Can you imagine playing basketball with your friends but not keeping score? How would you know who won?

The same logic applies to real estate. You have to keep score. You also have to keep yourself accountable, whether that means hiring a coach or enlisting the help of a partner or someone else in your office. Keeping yourself accountable will guarantee your success.

I highly recommend giving “Make Big Happen” a read. Hopefully, you’ll get a lot of great information from it and “make big happen” in 2021. If you have questions about this or any real estate topic, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’d love to speak with you.

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